Uomo (Japan)

11, November 2013

Due Emme for Uomo, "moda Uomo".

Men's Club , Uomo & GQ covers (Japan)

05 08 11, May 2012 / Aug. 2012 / Nov. 2013

Due Emme works for Men's Club, Uomo and GQ Magazine, "moda Uomo".

GQ (Japan)

08, August 2012

Due Emme work fo GQ Magazine, "GQ Wardrobe".

Dove (Italy)

12, December 2014-January 2015

Due Emme & Camiceria Albini works for Dove, "Idee sotto l'albero".

Beams (Japan)

03, Spring-Summer 2013

Due Emme work for Beam, "Do the Color thing".

Men's Club (Japan)

05, May 2012

Due Emme works for Men's Club, "moda Uomo".

Dove Cover (Italy)

12, December 2014 - January 2015

Due Emme & Camiceria Albini works for Dove, "Idee sotto l'albero".

  • Matteo Rota

    This is a debuting brand on the italian fashion stage that will set new standards in terms of quality and creativity.

    The mind behind it is a young and talented italian guy called Matteo Rota: he graduates in fashion design and after some foreign work experiences and a lot of exhibitions decides to land on the international scene with his own collection. A high quality line, that joins luxury and excellece with sartorial tradition; designing high value clothes, giving special consideration for the deatils and the fabrics choices.

    Matteo Rota Website
  • Seaport

    Liveliness and refinement easly coexist in Seaport, the perfect match between classicism and contemporaneity. Seaport is a brand by Due Emme, that joins sophistication and simplicity, making great dresses lineages. A union of passion and mastery strictly "Made in Italy".

    Seaport Website